Understanding the “Mysterious Russian Soul”

Life in Russia

The Russian Country Community

It was the Russian country community that played the major role in the history of Russia and development of it’s culture. Thus,to a large extent the significance of Russian values are the very thread that runs through the entire Russian community that binds them together.

Interests of Community

The community itself, being the basis and prerequisite of existence supersedes the individual and is code that is anciently embedded in the culture. The individual is of major value only to extent that he or she serves the community. Sacrifice is the bedrock and each person is expected to give everything, even one’s life, for the sake of the community. Russia history is a long and tumultuous one constantly living on the fringes of war, famine, enslavement or much worse. It was because of these sacrifices, the submission of individual interests that served the community that kept it’s…

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