Support community based tourism in Mexico !

Totonal Viajes que iluminan

We need support!

We are looking for hands willing to join us in creating impact in Mexico. Totonal is a responsible tour operator in the southern region of Mexico, creating valuable cultural, ecological, and communitarian experiences for responsible travelers who desire tailor-made, unique tours. We want to make sure that our cultural and natural heritage is preserved so generations to come are able to enjoy them.

We are asking for support so that we can participate in the Agora Partnerships Accelerator program so we can grow our business and the impact that we create. To participate in the program we need to raise $4,500 USD. Your support, whether it be $10 or $2000, is important so that we can continue to grow together. Besides, your donation could be tax-deductible in the USA.

To view the campaign, learn more about Totonal, and donate, please click HERE.

Totonal Travel has been…

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