VARIED THRUSH update 12/7

NorthNW | Lake Erie birding

Jim McCarty received an email yesterday with several photos attached of a STUNNING adult male VARIED THRUSH in the backyard of a condo owner, Lynnette Stevens, in Avon Lake. I contacted Lynnette immediately to congratulate her on her incredible find, and excitedly and respectfully requested if the birding community could take part in sharing views of this stunning bird. Lynnette secured permission from the condo association owners to allow visits to the area. The bird has been present for „a few weeks” (working on nailing down a more precise date) and was still present throughout the day today (Friday) at: 401 Bounty Way #163 (and #166), Avon Lake. Kent Miller first re-found/reported the bird at dawn today (Friday) at #166. Throughout the day the bird was viewed at several immediate locations within the neighborhood, including atop a tall tree, then flying over the heads of birders to feed close by…

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