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Meet Paulo, better known as Gregorio-praia-ipanema. He sells purses made from Coca-Cola tabs. Yes that right. So next time you’re throwing away a can, think of all the unique purses Gregorio can make! I ask him a few questions and he answers each one with a full smile, lots of humour and positivity to match… and his catchy phrase in between „originaaal, ecologikeee!”

What inspired you to start selling bags?

„My city Oruto Preto (Minas Gerias). I worked as a gold miner. When I lost my job, I started this one selling bags made from can tabs.”

On average, how long does it take to make a bag?

„About 4 to 5 hours roughly, per bag. 232 can tabs are needed for an average bag.”

How did you discover your talent?

„It’s a family buiness and I first tested it out in Rio in 1992 with 5 bags. An Italian…

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