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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Already Launched!
Download and Try!

Microsoft recently launched its Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Steven Sinofsky revealed that Microsoft has made over 100,000 major code changes to Windows 8 since the Developer Preview was released in September.

Antoine Leblond, vice president of Windows Web Services, showed off how the OS ran on a typical computer with a mouse and desktop. Simple tasks like copying and pasting have been drastically improved in Windows 8.

Now, you can easily manage copying multiple files at once. He also showed how easy it is to move between the Windows 8 Explorer view back to the Start screen. Basically, it looks like you won’t miss the traditional Start button too much.

Sinofsky said that Microsoft developed a new class driver for Windows 8, which allows all sorts of hardware to work seamlessly with the OS without needed a separate driver. He said…

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